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ICOP on Aljazeera Channel

ICOP on Aljazeera Channel

Inshalla we will have live coverage with Aljazeera space channel (Mubasher Channel) as we used to do every year for Ramadan crescent observation. It will be Inshalla on Tuesday 10 August 2010. We will have three activities:-

1- Live crescent observation which will start from the morning up to the sunset of Tuesday 10 August 2010. It will not be broadcast all the time, it will broadcast only when it is needed.

2- Interview which will start after sunset (time will be decided later on). The guests will be ICOP members; Prof. Nidhal Guessoum and Prof. Jalal Alddin Khanji.

3- Simultaneously with the interview I'll be Inshalla in a separate studio to announce the results of ICOP member observation results.


Important for observers:

We need you to send your Ramadan observation results as soon as possible to broadcast it instantly on Aljazeera channel during our live broadcast. Please send us your results directly as SMS on mobile: 00971-50-8215336. Please use the following format:-

Observer name - Country - City - Sighting Result - Cloud coverage - Atmospheric conditions.

For example:- Ahmad - Saudi - Riyadh - crescent seen by naked eye - clear - hazy.

Please confirm your intention to participate in this activity by sending an email to Mohammad Odeh.

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