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Participate with the International Astronomical Center (IAC) to observe a rare astronomical event, which was not witnessed in UAE since 1847!


Annular Solar Eclipse!


The sun will rise eclipsed on the morning of Thursday 26 December 2019, then an annular solar eclipse will be seen from parts of UAE


You can observe the event for free by attending the event in Tilal Liwa hotel near Madinat Zayed city in Al-Dhafra region. Or you can register in the Golden package, which includes one night in the hotel including dinner and breakfast. The package costs are mentioned below.


* Registration Fees:

1300 AED for two persons in a double room

or 1000 AED for one person in a single room.


Last date for registration is 20 December 2019.


* Program of the Event:

Thursday 26 December 2019:

06:30 AM: Gathering in observation location in the hotel’s eastern yard.

07:04 AM: Sunrise. Sun is partially eclipsed.

07:35:16 AM: Beginning of annular eclipse.

07:36:45 AM: Maximum of annular eclipse.

07:38:14 AM: End of annular eclipse.

08:52:17 AM: End of partial eclipse.


For more information and registration, please call 056-9151656


Please visit this page http://www.astronomycenter.net/articles/2019/12/05/eclipse2019?l=ar to know more about the eclipse and to see the timings and percentage of the eclipse in different Arab cities.


Interested persons who are not able to participate in the event and wish to get the special solar eclipse glass may contact the International Astronomical Center at the following number to get the glass for 10 AED per piece: 055-3124812.




Never look directly at the sun without special solar glasses or safe methods, as staring at the sun might result in partial or total blindness.


IAC and The UAE Space Agency are not responsible in any way for the direct or indirect damages that may occur as a result of exposure and looking directly at the solar eclipse, including - without limitation - complications in the eye that may lead to blindness.


The below video is a live streaming for the annular solar eclipse as seen from Tilal Liwa Hotel, near Madinat Zayed, Dhafra region, Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE




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